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Przełęcz - Mountain Pass

Mountain Pass


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Typ mapy: otwarta
Rozmiar mapy: 1000m x 1000m
Dostępna od: Patch 0.6.4

Ciekawe miejscówki



Górzysta mapa z wieloma miejscami, gdzie można skryć się przed wrogim ostrzałem, organizować zasadzki i przemykać za linie przeciwnika". Mapa, dodana w patchu 6.4, przedstawia typowo górskie tereny z wieloma górkami i wąwozami, a także z jęzorem lodowca spływającym z górskiego szczytu. Jeśli chcesz sobie urządzić ognisko na polanie przy wodospadzie - ta mapa jest dla ciebie Jej umiejscowienie na mapie świata to raczej Alpy lub Kaukaz.

First lets point out that this map can be divided in half by drawing a diagonal line across the middle of it starting from the bottom left corner and going to the top right. This divides the map into the "territory" of both teams. There are only 4 passages on this map that will get you to the other team's territory. From north to south these passages are Ice Road, Bridge, Valley, and South Pass.

This strategy takes advantage of something I have seen the south team do time and time again even when playing on the south team. In most games the south team will concentrate its attack on the ice road since for some reason the north team tends to leave the northern two passes lightly defended (most new players dont life defense I guess). The bridge is also usually only lightly defended too so the south team will move onto the bridge and support the ice road advance from above. This usually ends with the northern two passages being broken through before the north team can break through the south pass.

In my opinion the south pass is probably the least effective place to attack, for either team but particularly for the north team. Instead I propose sending your main attack force down the Ice Road to meet what will most likely be the South teams main attack force. This gives the north team its best chance though if the south team is just that much better in terms of skill then you probably didnt have much of a chance anyway no matter what strategy you use. Anyway here is how the north team should deploy to each of the 4 passages in order to use this strategy:

South Pass and Valley: Only need about 2 tanks here, no more than 3. On the map I would have these tanks take cover behind rocks around row D or E. The Valley passage is usually used by scouts who may either zoom up directly across into row E to try and light up your team or head under the bridge to try and support the attack on the ice road. If you can take the scouts out so the enemy doesnt spot you moving your main attack north. The key to this plan is that most south teams will have a few tanks deployed around row J to defend against an expected attack through the South Pass. You want them to expect that attack for as long as possible. If they are just sitting there waiting they arent doing anything and are irrelevant to the battle, at least early on. Once they see their northern assault facing a lot of tanks they will eventually put two and two together and move up the South Pass. When they come around the curve at about G1 you want to start firing on them from cover and light them up so artillery on the cliffs over your base can help kill them. Do NOT expose yourselves unnecessarily. You dont really need to kill those tanks, just keep them held back as long as you can until your attack force in the north get to the enemy base. Fight a delaying action here. In all my matches I have only seen the south team launch their main assault from the South Pass a handful of times. If they do this then the entire strategy is compromised and the north team assault team will have to break through the defenses and rush to cap asap.

Bridge: This is actually my favorite part to play in this strategy. Get 2 or 3 tanks (ideally tank destroyers as they cant be easily flanked here) to hide among the rocks or behind the northern curve on rows C and D and watch the bridge. Your goal here is not to cross the bridge or even destroy the tanks on the South side of the bridge. Your goal is to keep their tanks pinned on the south side of the bridge. If they cant get on the bridge to support the attack on the Ice Road or cross the bridge to the north team's territory then they are just sitting there. This effectively means those tanks on the south side are irrelevant to the battle. So long as they know that if they try and cross the bridge there are at least 2 people there to shoot at them most people will just play peekaboo, which gives the North assault more time to advance on the Ice Road. So long as the south's bridge force is bottled up on F6 you are doing your job. You need to have at least 2 tanks or TDs guarding the bridge. If its just one person I have seen most players will actually take their chances and push forward together. If its more than 1 though most players will hang back even if they outnumber you. You would think they would just all push forward at once...but nobody wants to be the first guy out so they will be stuck for a while.

Once the northern force has broken through and has begun pushing down column 9 the south's bridge force will either pull back to try and help defend the base or they will try and bum rush across the bridge. At this point you can either push across the bridge to help the Ice Road team when they get to the base or you can pull back 1 or 2 of your tanks to help defend the southern passages if they need help. Just do whatever the situation calls for.

Ice Road: Anyone who isnt artillery or defending the bridge or southern passages should be attacking on the ice road, you will need 6 to 8 tanks for this to work. Now this is critical, the south team expects a force of tanks to camp around B6 and defend the pass. Let their scouts come up and kill them. If they spot you thats good, it validates what the south team suspects (but dont let them spot you, just kill them as soon as you can). Once you make first contact with the south team at D7 or D8 the real battle begins. Gauge their strength and when you have the advantage push through. Take their initial assault and then overwhelm them. Don't take too long though or your defenses in the south may not have enough time. Again this really hinges on how good your team is skill wise compared to who the south team sends. If you can break through here though you will have a clear shot all the way down column 9 to the enemy base. At this point take out their arty or cap fast depending on how your defenders are doing. If the enemy has broken through your defenders CAP FAST! Screw their artillery, at that close range they will have to expose themselves in order to get a decent shot at you so if they do then kill them. Make sure you have at least someone in the circle capping, ideally as many people as you can. The objective of this entire strategy is to capture the enemy base. Do not bother hunting the rest of the south team, let them come to you if they wish.

If there are any questions or anything I didnt clarify well enough let me know and I will respond the best I can. This strategy is not fool proof, there is no such thing as a fool proof strategy in this game, especially in random battles, but it gives the north team their best chance imo. Also when you post this strategy before the match just say "We need a few tanks defending bridge and south, everyone else attack on ice road". Thats simple enough so that even if people dont know the strategy they will have a similar effect. Make sure you say "defend" when talking about the bridge and south. Hopefully people get the message that they are not supposed to advance on those lines and just need to hold them. Then again its random battles so you never know. If you have a few idiots who dont listen to you then thats that, chances are the other team will also have their idiots too so it should offset. In any case, posting your strategy means at least some people are more likely to follow it than if nobody gives a strategy. As always you should adapt as needed. If you get to B6 and only a few tanks came with you then just defend, chances are most tanks will be attacking south which isnt ideal but it would be worse if you attacked with small numbers and then left the ice road wide open.



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